Sync Outlook Calendar – Data and Outlook always up-to-date

27 août / 2017

SYNCING.NET syncs Calendars on up to 50 computers

Heilbronn, 27. August 2017. Many Outlook customers use Outlook 2016, which was released in September 2015 for private customers. For private use, as well as for companies, the Outlook calendar plays an important role. The problems may quickly arise, when the Outlook calendar must be accessed from multiple computers. Therefore, the sensitive data of the Outlook calendar must be synchronized between multiple computers regularly, in order to avoid conflicts with appointments and events. SYNCING.NET offers in this manner software solutions, which can transfer selected Outlook data between multiple users of the network. The software synchronizes all changes automatically and almost instantly in in real time.

The SYNCING.NET Business Edition enables a network with up to 50 PCs. The additional User Rights Management simplifies the control in the network, in order to avoid unauthorized changes and data transfer in the sync group. SYNCING.NET offers the Business Edition 14-day trial version for testing, which can be found on the Download page.