Microsoft Outlook Calendar – Schedule events optimally

28 août / 2017

With SYNCING.NET events are synced automatically on changes

Heilbronn, 28. August 2017. Nowadays, evens and appointments are almost unimaginable without electronic calendars. Companies use functions of Microsoft Outlook, in order to schedule meetings, conferences, appointments, and events optimally. Often arise problems, when changes in Microsoft Outlook calendars on one computer are not transferred to other computers. All changes in the shared Outlook calendar must be unconditionally compared and transferred to all computers, accessing the shared calendar. With the synchronization software SYNCING.NET all Outlook data and regular files can be easily and safely kept in sync. On change in Outlook data or files only the difference part is synced between all computers in a Peer-to-Peer network. The normal work on the PC is not affected – the synchronization works seamlessly in the background. The synchronization in real time is guaranteed.

The SYNCING.NET Business Edition is extremely useful for small and medium companies, as it allows to sync up to 50 PCs in a sync network. Outlook users can test the fully functional software 14 days without any costs. It is available on the Download page.