Outlook Calendar Synchronization – Share changes directly between computers and mobile devices

29 août / 2017

SYNCING.NET transfers data changes in the Internet in Peer-to-Peer mode

Heilbronn, 29. August 2017. In September 2015, the new version of Outlook 2016 was finally released. If Outlook is used on multiple computers, then the possibility to keep all data in sync cannot be overestimated. SYNCING.NET executes the synchronization of Outlook calendars, events, appointments, and tasks fully automatically. For this task, a separate Exchange Server is not required, as the synchronization runs exclusively in Peer-to-Peer mode in the Internet or in local area networks. Therefore, all actual Outlook calendar data are available everywhere on all computers and mobile devices.

From all offered versions, the SYNCING.NET Business Edition has the richest functionality. It allows to sync up to 50 Computers in a sync network. The user rights management simplifies the overview over all changes and avoids unauthorized changes and deletions of sensitive data. SYNCING.NET offers the fully functional 14-day trial version of the SYNCING.NET Business Edition, which is available on the Download page.