Outlook Contacts – Sync important data in seconds

30 août / 2017

Access Outlook contacts everywhere with SYNCING.NET

Heilbronn, 30. August 2017. Outlook, the most popular E-Mail client from Microsoft, went into a new round. The new Outlook 2016 from September 2015 is finally available for companies and private customers. Although, in order to access Outlook contact in a company on multiple compters, a special synchronizatio software is required, which regularly and automatically updates Outlook data with changes on all computers. SYNCING.NET takes over the most important task of the data synchronization. The software sends modifications in Outlook contacts immediately to all participants of the earlier created sync network. So, every computer can access Outlook data or regular files almost instantly.

SYNCING.NET offers with the SYNCING.NET Business Edition the possibility to sync Outlook data, as well as Windows files, between up to 50 computers in a sync network. The additional user rights management simplifies the control of relatively large networks. SYNCING.NET offers a 14-day trial version for free on the Download page.