Outlook Contacts and Calendars on your Mobile Devices

31 août / 2017

Outlook Sync for Mobile Devices

With SYNCING.NET it is now possible to sync Contacts and Appointments with other mobile devices or with Microsoft Outlook on Windows PCs! The new apps for iOS and Android are available on Stores.

The SYNCING.NET apps work independently of Google, Apple, Microsoft, or other Cloud based services. You always have a local copy of data on your devices and can access them everywhere and at any time.

Just a few highlights:
  • SYNCING.NET is now the only software, which you need, in order to sync Files, Contacts, and Calendars with different devices or Microsoft Outlook on Windows PCs. Additional software like iTunes/iCloud, Samsung KIS, etc. is not required anymore.
  • With SYNCING.NET you can sync multiple Calendars or groups of Contacts for private or business use.
  • With SYNCING.NET it is possible to share your Calendars or Contact groups with other SYNCING.NET users. The user rights management helps to avoid unauthorized changes or deletions of sensitive data.
... and Tips:
  • Create or configure your Outlook Groups in SYNCING.NET, so they contain only Outlook Calendar or Contacts folders, in order to avoid transfer of unneeded data.
  • For iOS-users: deactivate sync of contacts and calendars using iCloud, but leave the data on your device.
  • Perform the initial sync of Outlook data from your PC to mobile devices.
  • For mobile apps you need an additional license, so you can use all functions without limitations. You can purchase a license right in the app on the License Information page.
  • Currently, the automatic synchronization of contacts and appointments is possible only on Android devices due to technical limitations of iOS. You can always force an immediate sync manually in the app.
Start using the new SYNCING.NET apps now!