Sync Tasks: Outlook up-to-date on multiple computers

06 avril / 2018

Software solution syncs Outlook without additional hardware

Heilbronn, 06. April 2018. Microsoft Outlook is, as before, the most valuable software for companies in terms of work management. The program services the fastest electronic communication. However, Outlook can do much more than just sending and receiving emails. The tasks in Outlook are used as a reminder service and can replace a flow of notes on the table: just create a task, set a due date und let Outlook remind you.

But should you do, when someone uses multiple computers and reminders need to available on all of them? When someone works in a team and colleagues need to be notified on the same tasks, as you? SYNCING.NET offers a perfect software solution, which sync Outlook without a dedicated server – highly encrypted over the Internet or in a local area network.

Users of the SYNCING.NET Personal Edition can use up to 3 computers in a network. For the synchronization of tasks, a new so-called Outlook Group needs to be created in SYNCING.NET. It does not matter, on which workplace tasks are created, modified, or deleted – they will be automatically transferred to all group members. The SYNCING.NET Business Edition can even sync up to 50 computers and allows a targeted management of user rights. The free 14-day trial version can be downloaded here.