SYNCING.NET Personal Edition

Number of computers
  • 2
  • 3
Personal Edition
54.99 / year
excl. VAT 19 %
65.44 / year
incl. VAT 19 %
Features at a glance:
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Automatic, background syncing
  • Highest security standards
  • Control bandwidth and set folder size limits
  • Sync E-mails, contacts, calendars, files, etc.
  • Compatible with proxy servers
  • No additional hardware, software or training
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SYNCING.NET Personal Edition makes data synchronization between your computers so simple. It's intuitive and user-friendly, yet powerful. Simply put, SYNCING.NET Personal Edition will make your multiple PC world easier than you thought possible. You can synchronize Outlook and Windows folders on up to 3 computers with just an internet connection.


SYNCING.NET runs silently in the background to sync Outlook and Files on all your PCs. The software may be simple to use but it's quite powerful - and fast. Because the software only syncs changes, data synchronization is extremely fast and in real time.


SYNCING.NET is easy to install and operate for PC users at every level. Setup is completed in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, casual PC users can quickly install and use the program. Because of the complete and thorough functionality, expert users will be impressed with its performance.

Your goal:

The SYNCING.NET solution:

Synchronize Outlook and files, online or off.

With the "store and forward" function, your changed data is temporarily stored on our servers, fully encrypted. Once you go online with your other PCs, the stored data is automatically updated onto the new PCs and immediately deleted from our servers. Your data remains encrypted at all times. Nobody has access to that data except the members within your Outlook Group.

Business as usual, even without an internet connection.

Work comfortably offline anytime, anywhere. The moment you're back online, all previous changes made to your data will be automatically updated on all your PCs.

Send e-mails, pictures and documents without missing a beat.

SYNCING.NET automatically and completely synchronizes your Outlook and files - and all in thebackground. Syncing without thinking.

Synchronize folders from an Exchange server.

Within Outlook synchronization, SYNCING.NET can now sync folders on an Exchange server. In addition, it's possible to sync two Exchange servers together.

Instant access for pausing synchronization.

With just two clicks you can instantly pause SYNCING.NET. This allows you to pause syncing while you allot more of your PCs resources to another program temporarily. It also makes syncing a Smartphone that much simpler by allowing you to quickly pause SYNCING.NET while you update your PC and PDA. . Be in the know.

Keep your laptop up-to-date without having to copy and paste from your desktop every day.

Wherever you are, SYNCING.NET makes sure your desktop, laptop and notebook are identical. And all you need for real time synchronization is an internet connection.

Data to be synchronized with other computers in real time.

SYNCING.NET only synchronizes the changes in your data - not the entire file. The result is an ultra-fast, real time synchronization.

Having total flexibility over which data is to be synchronized.

When creating your Outlook groups and Sync Folders, you can individually choose each Outlook function and folder that you wish to synchronize with the other PCs. Your data is your data, and only you decide what is shared with whom.

You've got your laptop at home, your desktop at work and your notebook for the road - pretty typical these days. This is very convenient, no doubt. But when each PC has different data within, it's not so convenient. It doesn't do you any good when you're on the road with your notebook and realize all the data you need for your next meeting is on your laptop at work. In fact, it's almost more frustrating than having no PC with you at all. With SYNCING.NET Personal Edition, all your Outlook data and PC files are identical on every PC - automatically.

All my computers on the same page, all the time

When you make a change to your calendar, you want all your PCs to know your new schedule. When you have tasks marked on your notebook from your last trip, you need to know that all your PCs will reflect the exact same data. SYNCING.NET makes sure you are always reminded, no matter which PC you are on.

No more manual data reconciliation

Manually adding and deleting data is time consuming, laborious and unnecessary. You can quickly lose track of which PC is up-to-date with what data. SYNCING.NET automatically updates all changes instantly and in real time, allowing you to focus on more important things.


  • Sync up to 3 PCs
  • Create up to 2 Outlook Groups
  • Create up to 10 Sync Folders
  • Create up to 300 Outlook folders
  • One user account means faster and simpler setup on all three PCs
  • Unlimited size and quantity of items in files and file-folders
  • Supports both pst files (personal Outlook folders) and ost files (for use in conjunction with an Exchange server)
  • Proxy server compatibility
  • Bandwidth control and instant synchronization pausing
  • Exchange server support
  • Printing capabilities
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption (end-to-end) of all data and 1024-bit RSA authentication
  • Temporary buffering (store and forward function) when PCs are offline

System Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium-class CPU (800 MHz or faster)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows XP (x86 and x64)
  • Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • Internet access (broadband and flat rate recommended)
  • For Outlook synchronization: Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, (32 and 64 bit), 2007, 2003 - NOT supported: Office Apps from Windows Store

Your goal:

The SYNCING.NET solution:

Quick and easy setup

SYNCING.NET is installed in minutes and ready for use. Because you are the only user in your group, your other computers will automatically be invited, simplifying the process even further.

Automatic data synchronization

With SYNCING.NET you won't waste any more time on manual data reconciliation. The program automatically keeps the data on all your computers up-to-date in real time. Files, contacts, e-mails, calendars and tasks are part of the sync.

Maximum security during data transfer

All data are encoded prior to transmission with individual and secret keys (end-to-end). Secure 256-bit AES encryption complies with the 1024-bit RSA authentication with the highest safety standards (military grade).

Synchronize without special IT know-how

We place special emphasis on ease of operation, allowing for any level of user to be comfortable using the software. Installation and setup take just a few minutes and runs automatically thereafter.

Fast help for individual problems

Our knowledgeable support team is available via e-mail to assist with any questions you may have.

Real customers. Real reviews.

Your message
Sync Outlook and Share Files
Synchronize Outlook with SYNCING.NET

SYNCING.NET Personal Edition

In case when some tasks cannot be completed within 8 hours of the working day, they can be finished later at home. In a calm environment, it is easier sometimes to plan tasks for the next weeks or revise a schedule for tomorrow. Sometimes it is useful to re-read email in your inbox and think about upcoming events. When you work with documents at work on a desktop computer, you can still access your documents at home – you just need to install Syncing.NET Personal Edition. This is a program for private customers (sometimes called as SYNCING.NET Home Edition) can be used for synchronization of Outlook data and files between computers Windows, Linux, or as a home sync Mac software.

System requirements and features

Syncing.NET Personal Edition has the following features:

  • File sharing (business information, photos, music, videos) and Outlook synchronization (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes) directly between computers without a dedicated server.
  • Synchronization within one SYNCING.NET account on up to three computers Windows, Mac or Linux.

It is important to understand that the synchronization with SYNCING.NET is bidirectional. The program should be used for data backup, as all changes on one computer will be mirrored to the others.

The system requirements to the computer and the operating system are minimal. SYNCING.NET can run even on 5-7 years old PCs:

  • CPU — 800 MHz or higher.
  • RAM 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
  • Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows. Apple Mac OS, Linux
  • For Outlook synchronization: Outlook 2003 or higher.
  • Internet connection.

A very safe Outlook and file synchronization works without cloud or additional servers in real time. It is enough to set up the data sharing between computers – afterwards, the whole synchronization process is fully automatic – a perfect home sync!

How does it work?

After initial installation of the Syncing.NET Personal Edition on one computer in just a couple of clicks you can create a group for file sharing or Outlook synchronization by selecting particular Outlook- or document folders, which you would like to sync with other computers.  On other computer, you just need to join the sync groups. SYNCING.NET is not limited to desktop computers only. For example, with our mobile apps you can sync Outlook with iPhone. SYNCING.NET can also be a seamless business contact manager for Outlook.

Syncing.NET automatically uses the best connection type for data synchronization. Personal Outlook sync is very easy – for direct data transfer just make sure that both computers are online. The cloudless sync means that your private files and data are stored locally and never stored on external cloud servers. You can access the documents even if the PC is offline – your changes will be synced later when you will be connected to the Internet again.

Depending on the data size, the initial synchronization between computers may take several hours. It is possible to store your changes (up to 50 MB per file, up to 500 MB total) in encrypted form temporarily on our server, when only computer is online. Synchronization of larger files is possible when both computers are connected to the Internet. Some SYNCING.NET versions are even freeware! This makes SYNCING.NET for personal use the best syncing tool for home.

Syncing.NET Personal Edition can be used on up 3 computers depending on the edition. You can download the free 14-day trial version on our website. After the test phase, you can buy a license at a very affordable price tanks to our reasonable cost policy.