Scenario 5

3 PCs, 2 PCs want to synchronize their main Calendar, while the third PC can only view the Calendar.

Each PC synchronizes utilizing SYNCING.NET Business Edition !

  1. Sign in with the same E-Mail address on PC 1 and PC 2 and create an Outlook Group on the computer which contains the latest calendar.
  2. In our example, PC 1 creates the Outlook Group.
  3. PC 2 receives an invitation to this Outlook Group automatically.
  4. On PC 2 select the (1:1 “Use existing Outlook folders”) import option (Note: a backup folder will be automatically created).
  5. Next, sign in with a separate E-Mail address on PC 3.
  6. On PC 1, go to the details of the new Outlook Group and invite PC 3.
  7. On PC 3, select the “Use new Outlook folders” import option.
  8. PC 3 will import into its default Calendar and therefore have visibility to the new Outlook Group Calendar.