Import of Outlook Group data failed. What can I do?

The SYNCING.NET Outlook import has been interrupted, therefore the Outlook data couldn't be imported completely on this computer. To restart the import process open SYNCING.NET, choose the "Outlook" tab and click "join" in order to complete the import again. 

If the import is not possible after several attempts, please send a SYNCING.NET problem report through Help -> Report a Problem. If this is not possible, you can send us the log files manually.

Possible general reasons for an interruption are:

  • PST file has reached the maximum total size (2GB for Outlook 2000, 4GB for Outlook since version 2003 and FAT32, 20GB for Outlook since version 2003 and NTFS). Find further help in our FAQ
  • Computer is changed during the transfer to standby or hibernation
  • Network connection was interrupted for other reasons
  • Access errors on the PST file
  • Outlook data file, or Outlook profile is corrupted and must be repaired. Find further help in our FAQ