Information about SYNCING.NET server maintenance

Dear current and future customers of SYNCING.NET, 

We are currently updating our server environment to meet new demands. 

Over the last year we have experienced a sharp increase in our customer base and number of online users. As a result, it has been necessary to completely upgrade our servers. 

The upgrade will provide:

  • Stronger overall performance
  • Quicker response times
  • Increased data throughput

It is our goal to complete the restructuring with minimal interruption to synchronization service. We are scheduling out updates in small bursts to minimize any downtime, as well as performing the updates during off-peak hours. 

Should a pause in service occur, your SYNCING.NET will appear offline. We will provide a status message on the website during these times. Synchronization should resume automatically as soon as our servers are back online. 

If your computers do not automatically reconnect, please exit SYNCING.NET via the Windows task tray icon and then restart the program.