License agreement

End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

of Buildway Technology LP – hereinafter Buildway Technology – London, Great Britain.


Buildway Technology issues licences to end users under the following conditions:

  • one licence entitles the user exclusive use of the software on computers according to the licence period and the licensed Edition;
  • for any further computer a separate licence is required;
  • the functional restrictions of the licensed Edition shall be considered.

Buildway Technology offers one type of licences:

Annual licenses (Subscription license)           
The annual license entitles the user (you) to use the software for a period of one year. By ordering an annual license, the one-year license period starts, and you agree on a subscription payment. If your subscription is still active, the validity of your licence(s) will be renewed for a further period, unless the software is no longer offered on the market by Buildway Technology. In such a case, Buildway Technology shall be entitled to cancel all active subscriptions. The annual subscriptions comprise of all minor updates (e.g. 3.1, 3.5 etc.) and all major upgrades (e.g. from 3.5 to 4.0). Existing networks (Outlook Groups and Sync Folders) can be continued by simply extending the license. In order to extend the license, the annual license list price at the time of subscription setup is to be paid again. If the subscription is cancelled, the utilization rights and the license functions will cease upon expiration of the license period.

Buildway Technology offers different Editions of its SYNCING.NET software:

Business Edition         
The Business Edition allows the synchronization and sharing of up to 3,000 Outlook folders in up to 50 Outlook Groups between up to 10 computers. Subfolders are equal to folders. One Outlook Group can consist of folders from the same Outlook data file (PST file) only. Furthermore, the Business Edition allows the synchronization of up to 50 file folders between up to 10 computers. One file folder, including all contained files and subfolders, stands for a so-called Sync Folder. Some system folders as system and network drives cannot be part of a Sync Folder. The Business Edition (and its varieties) can be used by corporate and private customers.

Business 2 Edition      
The Business 2 Edition offers the same functionality as the Business Edition, but allows the synchronization on up to 2 computers.

Business 3 Edition      
The Business 3 Edition offers the same functionality as the Business Edition, but allows the synchronization on up to 3 computers.

Business 5 Edition      
The Business 5 Edition offers the same functionality as the Business Edition, but allows the synchronization on up to 5 computers.

Manager Edition          
The Manager Edition offers the same functionality as the Business Edition, but allows the synchronization on up to 20 computers. In addition, the Manager Edition allows the enabling of, and managing of, user rights per Outlook Group and per Sync Folder. The Manager Edition also allows the managing of the maximum folder size for Sync Folders. The Manager Edition (and its varieties) can be used by corporate and private customers.

Personal Edition         
The Personal Edition allows the synchronization of up to 300 Outlook folders in two Outlook Groups between up to 3 computers of the same user (same SYNCING.NET account). Subfolders are equal to folders. One Outlook Group can consist of folders from the same Outlook data file (PST file) only. Furthermore, the Personal Edition allows the synchronization of up to 10 file folders between up to 3 computers of the same user (same SYNCING.NET account). One file folder, including all contained files and subfolders, stands for a so-called Sync Folder. Some system folders as system and network drives cannot be part of a Sync Folder. The Personal Edition (and its varieties) is allowed to be used by private customers only and cannot be used by companies.

Personal 2 Edition       
The Personal 2 Edition offers the same functionality as the Personal Edition, but allows the synchronization on up to 2 computers.

Business Filesharing Edition  
The Business Filesharing Edition offers the same functionality as the Business Edition, but does not allow synchronization of Outlook folders.

Manager Filesharing Edition   
The Manager Filesharing Edition offers the same functionality as the Manager Edition, but does not allow synchronization of Outlook folders.

Personal Filesharing Edition   
The Business Filesharing Edition offers the same functionality as the Personal Edition, but does not allow synchronization of Outlook folders.

Personal 5 Filesharing Edition            
The Personal 5 Filesharing Edition offers the same functionality as the Personal 5 Edition, but does not allow synchronization of Outlook folders.

Free Edition     
The Free Edition is a special version that offers the same functionality as the Personal 2 Edition, but allows synchronization of only 1 Outlook group with up to 5 Outlook folders and 1 Sync Folder. Some features of the Personal Edition can be also disabled in the Free Edition. The Free Edition is timely unlimited and is primarily used for promotional reasons. Buildway Technology has the right to discontinue the service of the Free Edition without any prior notice.



General Terms and Conditions

I. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) shall be applicable to all transactions concluded by Buildway Technology relating to application software (standard software, custom-tailored standard software and custom-tailored software).

These GTC shall also apply to all future transactions, without the requirement of expressed agreements.

Deviating regulations, in particular general terms and conditions of trade used by the customer, shall only be deemed to have been agreed upon – even without an expressed objection by Buildway Technology – if Buildway Technology has expressly confirmed such terms in writing.

II. Offers and conclusion of contract

Buildway Technology’s offers shall be subject to confirmation, unless expressly agreed upon otherwise.

Illustrations and drawings as well as technical data in offers, leaflets and other information material are approximate values only, and therefore do not need to always correspond to state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, they shall not represent warranted or guaranteed characteristics, nor are they relevant with regard to the contractual determination of the object of performance and delivery. With regard to modifications due to technical progress, Buildway Technology shall have the right to modify the program specifications provided that this does not result in substantial changes to the software functions. Buildway Technology reserves its ownership rights and copyrights to offers, drawings and other documents; they may not be made available to third parties.

Orders shall only become binding for Buildway Technology after a written order confirmation, unless Buildway Technology has performed the order prior to such confirmation.

Unless agreed upon otherwise, or stated otherwise in an offer, the prices specified by Buildway Technology shall be net prices, excluding packaging and excluding postage, freight and insurance. They do not include either value added tax or other taxes, customs duties, fees or state levies relating to the purchase of products by the customer.

III. Conclusion of the contract for online purchases

If Buildway Technology products are bought through online shops, the contract is concluded as follows:

  1. You download the installation file for the SYNCING.NET software to the relevant terminals and begin the installation by double-clicking this file.
  2. Before the software is installed on the systems, you will have to approve of the EULA; otherwise, the installation will be aborted.
  3. Upon conclusion of the installation process, the trial phase (test phase) will commence, during which the software can be tested for a period of 14 days. Should the software not appeal to you, you may cease utilization at any time during the test phase. Fees shall not be incurred.
  4. At the latest, upon expiration of the test phase, you will have to purchase a an annual license to be able to continue using the software. Otherwise, the functions will expire.
  5. In the online shop, your order is processed through our trusted partner Share-It. You can choose yearly subscriptions (one license per terminal), and can purchase a standard utilization right to the SYNCING.NET software.
  6. In order to purchase the licenses, you will need to enter your customer data into the input mask of the online shop. During the input process, you always have the possibility of correcting entered data.
  7. Once you have entered all order data, you will receive an overview of the order. You will issue an offer for the conclusion of a contract by pressing the confirmation button (“order now”, “continue to …”, “complete order” etc.). Orders are always subject to the exclusive application of these GTC.
  8. The payment is carried out by our approved payment provider Share-It. You enter your payment data solely on the SSL secured page of Share-It. Buildway Technology neither receives payment data nor saves or processes this. After successful payment, you will see the purchase confirmation page and receive an e-mail with the ordered license keys as well as a PDF invoice automatically. Therewith the order is completed.
  9. By ordering annual licences, you agree on a subscription (recurring payment) with the payment provider. The payment provider will inform Buildway Technology about each successive payment (yearly). Buildway Technology will renew your annual licences automatically and inform you by e-mail. 
    You can use this product or this service for the duration of your subscription. The duration of the subscription, the billing period, and the price per subscription period for each product will be displayed during the order process. Limited subscriptions will end automatically. Unlimited subscriptions may be terminated by either party at any time.

    If you select payment by credit or debit card, or via direct debit, you agree to have the unit price per subscription period automatically charged to your card and/or bank account immediately prior to the start of the next billing period. If you select another payment type, you agree to make periodic payments.

    You can cancel the subscription agreement with the payment provider at any time! Please follow the instructions of the payment provider in such a case.

  10. By the sending of the ordered licence keys, Buildway Technology declares the acceptance of your offer, meaning that the contract is concluded.

IV. Buildway Technology Money-Back Guarantee

  1. The customer has the right, under Clause 2, to reclaim in full the purchase price already paid for SYNCING.NET products listed, by means of the Buildway Technology money-back guarantee. The customer may contact Buildway Technology Customer Service or the customer service of the authorized external payment service provider and partner Share-It. The customer must provide Share-It or Buildway Technology the necessary data for the refund of the purchase price (e.g. bank details, customer data, etc.).
  2. The Buildway Technology 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to all SYNCING.NET products with a license period of more than 130 days. These include the annual and perpetual licenses.

    The Buildway Technology 30-day money-back does not apply to the automatically renewed licenses!
  3. The period in which the rights of the Buildway Technology money-back guarantee can be exercised begin upon completion of the sale of said SYNCING.NET product. The date of completion of the purchase agreement is not included in the calculation of this period. The length of the period can be found in the online shop of Buildway Technology.
  4. Should the customer exercise the rights of the Buildway Technology money-back guarantee, the license key will be disabled immediately for the respective SYNCING.NET product. The license key cannot be used after the deactivation.

 V. Reservation of title

  1. In relation to businesses (section 14 BGB – German Civil Code), we reserve the right to the delivered goods up until the time all claims from our business relations with the customer have been settled. For customers other than business, the delivered goods shall remain Buildway Technology’s property up until the time all payment obligations under this contract have been completely fulfilled.
  2. Should the customer be in default with payment, he shall be obligated upon request to immediately delete the software or to return the software, to cease using the licence key(s) and furthermore, not make it available to third parties. A request to return the software shall only be considered as a rescission of the contract if Buildway Technology expressly declares rescission in writing. Furthermore, the reserved-title goods shall be used elsewhere, whereby the proceeds will be set off against Buildway Technology’s claims against the customer.

VI. Copyrights

  1. If application software is delivered, Buildway Technology grants the customer a standard, non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to use the delivered programs upon payment of all invoices relating to the order.
  2. The customer acknowledges that the delivered application software contains and/or represents patents, trademarks, business secrets, know-how and other intellectual property rights, and that Buildway Technology or its suppliers are the owners of these rights. The customer expressly acknowledges that these rights will not be transferred to the customer through the sale or the delivery of products.

VII. Infringements upon property rights

  1. Buildway Technology asserts that, according to its knowledge, the delivered software is free of third party rights and that its utilization in accordance with the contract does not infringe upon third party property rights.
  2. Should third parties assert claims against the customer due to infringements upon a property right due to the utilization of a product provided by Buildway Technology, the customer shall immediately inform Buildway Technology thereof in writing. Buildway Technology shall, at its own discretion and at its own costs,fulfill such claims, defend against them, or settle such disputes by compromise. The customer shall be obligated to support Buildway Technology during the defense in all reasonable ways. The customer shall grant Buildway Technology the sole authority to make decisions with regard to legal defense and settlement negotiations. He shall grant Buildway Technology the necessary powers of attorney in each individual case. Buildway Technology is not liable for infringement of a copyright or industrial property right caused by the illegal sharing of data utilizing Buildway Technology products.
  3. Should Buildway Technology reach the conviction that a product may become the object of a property rights objection, Buildway Technology shall have the right, at its discretion:
  • to obtain for the customer, at Buildway Technology’s own costs, the right to continue to use the product,
  • to replace or modify the product at its own costs and to a reasonable extent, in order to avoid the infringement of third party rights,
  • to take back the software or parts thereof, and to reimburse the customer for the purchase price less a reasonable utilization fee.
  1. The above obligations shall not be incumbent upon Buildway Technology if the delivered goods or the delivered programs or parts thereof are modified by the customer, or if they are combined with programs or data not provided by Buildway Technology, resulting in third party claims.

VIII. Acceptance

The functionality of application software is determined by means of a test run. Should Buildway Technology, within 30 days (from installation), not receive a notification from the customer stating otherwise, the software shall be deemed to have been accepted. An acceptance declared towards the manufacturer or towards the supplier shall also be valid in the relations towards Buildway Technology.

IX. Payment terms

  1. Unless stated otherwise or agreed upon otherwise in writing, all prices shall be net. All shipping costs, in particular packaging, transport costs and transport insurance, as well as statutory value added tax shall be borne by the purchaser. Any subsequent claims admissible at the time of delivery, such as additional fees, public levies, increased customs duties and newly introduced taxes, e.g. all factors which may not have been able to be taken into consideration during the calculation of the offer prices, shall be deemed to have been agreed upon.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, invoices shall be due for payment without deductions, immediately after receipt.

X. Warranty

  1. Buildway Technology guarantees an average annual accessibility of its servers of 98%. This shall not include times when the server is not accessible due to technical or other problems outside Buildway Technology’s scope of influence (such as force majeure or culpable acts by third parties etc.).
  2. Buildway Technology shall have the right to restrict access to the services if this is necessary in order to ensure the safety of the operation of the network, in order to maintain the network’s integrity, in particular in order to avoid severe disturbances to the network, the software or to stored data.
  3. Program errors in software developed by Buildway Technology should be reported in writing, and should be specified and documented in such a way as to enable the examination of the  contents of the issue. The customer is aware that program errors cannot be completely excluded using state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, such errors shall not represent defects as defined by laws. Program errors shall be eliminated by Buildway Technology, free of charge during the warranty period, and against payment after its expiration. Buildway Technology shall have three attempts to eliminate errors.
  4. Furthermore, Buildway Technology does not warrant the faultless operation of the programs with the agreed program functions and characteristics for all possible combinations of hardware and software.
  5. Generally, warranty for application software shall be limited to the elimination of defects (e.g. Buildway Technology shall have the right and the duty to eliminate defects in the programs). Should elimination fail repeatedly, and should it be unacceptable for the customer to allow further elimination attempts, he shall have the right to reduce the purchase price or to rescind the contract.
  6. Buildway Technology shall have the right to have elimination or re-delivery affected by third parties.
  7. The warranty period for consumers shall be 24 months, for businesses 12 months, unless other agreements have been entered into. All warranty claims shall expire if the customer, whether himself or through third parties, interferes with the application software without expressed consultation with Buildway Technology.
  8. If material defects, program errors or program defects reported by the customer do not actually exist, the customer shall bear the costs incurred for the examination, if applicable, based on the valid Buildway Technology cost rates.
  9. Buildway Technology shall be liable for elimination work or replacement parts to the same extent as for the original object of delivery, up until expiration of the warranty period applicable for the original object of delivery.

XI. Right of withdrawal – NOTE: No right of withdrawal for so-called “download purchases”

  1. We would like to expressly stress that, pursuant to section 312d subsections 3 and 4 BGB, goods delivered by electronic means (for instance “download purchases”), such as software, are excluded from the right of withdrawal. In this respect, a right of withdrawal does not exist.
  2. Insofar as goods are delivered in a tangible form, e.g. not in the form of “download purchases”, the following shall apply for consumers:


Information on the right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal:

You are entitled to withdraw your contractual declaration within two weeks, without the necessity of stating reasons for this, in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail), or – if the goods are delivered to you prior to the expiration of the deadline – by returning the goods.


The deadline shall commence upon receipt of this information in text form, however,

for distance contracts (section 312b subsection 1 sentence 1 BGB) on the delivery of goods, not prior to receipt of the goods with the recipient (in case of repeated delivery of goods of similar kind, not prior to receipt of the first delivery),

for contracts in electronic business (section 312e subsection 1 sentence 1 BGB), not prior to fulfilment of our duties under section 312e subsection 1 sentence 1 BGB in connection with section 3 BGB-InfoV (Decree on information duties under civil law).

The timely dispatch of the withdrawal declaration or of the goods shall suffice to meet the deadline.


Withdrawal declarations are to be directed to:

Buildway Technology LP

Unit 5, Olympia Industrial Estate, Coburg Road/p>

N22 6TZ London

Great Britain

E-Mail: info(at)


Consequences of a withdrawal:

In case of a valid withdrawal, the performances already received by the parties must be mutually returned and any usufruct, which may have been obtained (for instance interest), must be restituted. If you are not able to return the performance received, entirely or in part, or only in a deteriorated condition, you are insofar obligated to compensate us for the loss in value. This may lead to the result that you are nevertheless obligated to fulfill your contractual payment obligation for the period of time prior to the withdrawal. This shall not apply for the permission to use the goods if the deterioration of the goods was caused only by their examination – in a way that would have been possible for the consumer in a shop etc. You will furthermore be able to avoid your obligation to compensate for loss in value caused by the utilization of the goods as intended by not utilizing the goods as your property and by avoiding anything, which may impair their value. You shall not be obligated to compensate us for a loss in value caused by a deterioration of the goods due to utilization as intended.

Goods, which can be sent as parcels, are to be returned at our risk. You shall be obligated to bear the costs for the return shipment provided that the delivered goods are those you originally ordered, and provided that the price for the goods to be sent back does not exceed a sum of 40 Euro, or – if the price is higher – if at the time of withdrawal you had not provided the counter-performance or a contractually agreed partial payment. In all other cases, the return shipment shall be free of costs for you.

Goods, which cannot be sent back as parcels, will be collected at your location.

Obligations to restitute payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For you, the deadline shall commence upon dispatch of the withdrawal declaration or of the goods, for us upon their receipt.

End of information on the right of withdrawal

XII. Liability

  1. Damage claims, irrespective of their nature, whether based on tort, on this contract or on a pre-contractual legal relation, shall only exist against Buildway Technology in case of an intentional or grossly negligent violation of duties, unless the main contractual performance obligations or other cardinal duties (= duties which are essential for the contract or distinctive for the contract, such as the provision of the software) are violated.
  2. Insofar as according to the aforementioned damage claims can also be considered for simple negligence, the amount of such damage claims shall be limited to the typical and foreseeable damage.

XIII. Export control regulations

  1. The customer undertakes, if the offered or delivered goods are exported to a country outside the economic territory of the Federal Republic of Great Britain, not to violate the statutory provisions applicable at the time the goods are exported.
  2. Insofar as the customer exports goods obtained from Buildway Technology to a country outside the economic territory of the Federal Republic of Great Britain, he shall see to the compliance with all required approvals and the fulfilment of all orders, at his own costs and risk. In particular, the granting of export licenses and re-export licenses for goods subject to approval must be ensured.
  3. Should necessary approvals or licences not be granted, or should necessary orders not be fulfilled, without the supplier having culpably contributed to this, the contractual relations between the purchaser and the supplier shall remain unaffected. Claims against the supplier may not be based on this.

XIV. Final provisions

  1. The contract connected with these terms (including these GTC, the order confirmation and all other documents referred to in the contract) represent the complete agreement between the customer and Buildway Technology with regard to the sale of products.
  2. Modifications of, and amendments to, these agreements, as well as the waiver of rights from this agreement must be effected in text form (for instance e-mail, fax) or in writing. This shall also apply to modifications of the provision in the previous sentence. This contract is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Great Britain. UN sales law (CISG) shall not apply.
  3. The place of performance for all obligations under this contract shall be London, Great Britain. In our relations with businesses (section 14 BGB), the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in connection with this agreement shall be London, Great Britain. Buildway Technology shall furthermore have the right to file a law suit against the other party at this party’s place of residence, headquarters, or at the place of the subsidiary to which the objects purchased under this contract were delivered.
  4. Should one provision in this contract be or become invalid or infeasible, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this agreement. The invalid or infeasible contractual provision shall be deemed to have been replaced by such valid and feasible provision which comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid or infeasible provision. This shall also apply to gaps in the contract.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or send a letter to:


Buildway Technology LP

Unit 5, Olympia Industrial Estate, Coburg Road/p>

N22 6TZ London

Great Britain

E-Mail: info(at)


Status as of Februar 2019

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