Backup Outlook Contacts – Synchronization with just one Software

06 September / 2017

For the Synchronization with SYNCING.NET no other additional Hard- or Software is required

Heilbronn, 6. September 2017. Outlook 2016, which was released in September 2015 for private users, inspired also many companies to upgrade to the new version. A lot of small features like creating tasks, scheduling appointments, or taking notes, make Outlook a very valuable software. It is very important to back up regularly contacts, which were collected many years. With SYNCING.NET software all data changes can be immediately transferred to other participants in the network. Of course, Outlook users have to back up their contacts in Outlook, in order to prevent data loss. But when data is lost on one computer in the network, it can be easily restored from another computer. For this purpose, an actual data backup is not required, although in most cases it is recommended to sync Outlook data like contacts or appointments using a synchronization software like SYNCING.NET.

The SYNCING.NET Business Edition transfers changes on up to 50 devices in a self-selected network. The data is synced directly between devices in via Peer-to-Peer network. The software can be freely tested 14 days on the Download page.