Import Outlook calendars – Data sharing simple and affordable, as never before

26 August / 2017

SYNCING.NET installs with a few clicks and syncs without Exchange Server

Heilbronn, 26. August 2017. In September 2015, Outlook 2016, the new version of the most used email clients, was released. Independently of the version, Outlook offers the users a lot of functions. As Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, the integration with other Office products like Excel or Word is also available. For example, it is possible to import Excel tables into an Outlook calendar. In this case, the user must take care about the form of Excel tables. If somebody wants to access the Outlook calendar from other computers, then the changes in the calendar must be transferred between computers. The SYNCING.NET software can synchronize, for example, the imported data between multiple connected computers in a sync group.

The SYNCING.NET Business Edition makes it easy to manage users in a company and allows to sync up to 50 computers in a sync group. The trial version of the SYNCING.NET Business Edition is available for free on the Download page.