Sync Outlook contacts with desktop and mobile devices – Synchronization software as a better alternative to Exchange Server

02 September / 2017

SYNCING.NET transfers changes automatically in a matter of seconds

Heilbronn, 2. September 2017. Outlook, the practical email client from Microsoft, is already 20 years on the market. In September 2015, the new version of Outlook 2016 was finally released. However, Outlook has some difficulties when the address book must be accessed and modified from multiple computers or mobile devices like iPhone / iPad or Android smartphones and tablets in a company simultaneously. In this case, company must synchronize Outlook contacts regularly. SYNCING.NET builds for this purpose an encrypted Peer-to-Peer network, so the Outlook data can be accessed over the Internet or in the local network. Therefore, all costs for configuring and maintenance of the Exchange server can be completely cut. The innovative software is extremely fast and synchronizes only changes in Outlook data, what reduces network traffic and allows an almost real-time synchronization.

For companies, the SYNCING.NET Business Edition could be very interesting. It has the richest features and allows to sync data in a network with up to 50 Computers. The software can be downloaded and tested 14 days without any costs on the Download page.