Transfer Outlook Contacts – Use Central Contact Database

05 April / 2018

SYNCING.NET keeps Outlook contacts up-to-date automatically

Heilbronn, 5. April 2018. From September 2015 could companies, as well as private customers, use the latest version of Outlook 2016. In companies it is especially important that all computers access the same Outlook contacts. Very often a central contact database is used. In this case it is required to transfer all changes in Outlook contacts to all network members. The SYNCING.NET synchronization software does this fully automatically. Manual transfer of Outlook contacts is not required any longer. The software works over the Internet in Peer-to-Peer mode. Therefore, data is not stored on external servers, but is transferred directly across computers. The networks are secured optimally with AES and RSA encryption.

The SYNCING.NET Business Edition can keep Outlook data and Windows elements up-to-date on up to 50 computers. As only data changes are transferred, a synchronization in real time is possible. SYNCING.NET offers a free 14-day trial version in the Business Edition on the Download page.