SYNCING.NET Manager Edition

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Manager Edition
159.99 / year
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190.39 / year
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Features at a glance:
  • All the benefits of Business Edition, plus:
  • Manage/share/sync data with up to 50 peers
  • Full, dynamic user rights management
  • Assign, change and use individual user rights
  • Assign additional network administrators
  • Installation consultation session
  • Preferred support via e-mail
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The SYNCING.NET Manager Edition makes data management and synchronization for SMBs simpler, safer and more cost-effective than any other solution available without a dedicated server. This user-friendly, low maintenance software integrates user rights management, as well as allowing 3 additional administrators to be assigned. You will have full control over your company's crucial data. You can allocate individual access and editing rights (called roles) to other colleagues in your circle of trusted network users. SYNCING.NET is also compatible with Exchange server as well as automatically detecting proxy servers.

Rights Management

We make teamwork more efficient. Because of the individual user rights (e.g. read-only files, user-specific editing or deletion for own content only) you have greater control over protecting your data from unauthorized changes or deletions. Thus, you can now also safely allow external business partners, customers, friends and colleagues access to critical information while still maintaining the correct content of your precious data.


The powerful, yet simple synchronization program runs silently in the background. Once a change is made within a document or Outlook item, the program synchronizes only the changes to the other computer(s). This ensures a rapid data synchronization and real-time functionality.

Ease Of Use

SYNCING.NET is easy to install and operate. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, even the casual PC user can get started quickly and find their way around. A unified user interface is just a few mouse clicks away.

Your Goal:

SYNCING.NET's Solution:

To sync with Exchange server.

SYNCING.NET is now completely compatible with Exchange server, giving you even more options, more power and more flexibility.

To ensure smooth team collaboration even while you are away from the office.

As the administrator you can manage all of your PCs from any Outlook Group or Sync Folder. With the Manager Edition, you can also add up to three additional administrators in your absence. So even if you have to be away from the office you know your team will still be synchronized.

To sync while running a proxy server.

SYNCING.NET automatically detects and configures for use with proxy servers.

To create closed user groups where only you determine who can access the synchronized data.

When creating an Outlook Group or a Sync Folder, you can specify who you want to invite to join these groups. This allows for complete control over who has access to the shared data. Invite/removal privileges are for the Group originator and administrator only.

To protect synced data from unauthorized employees making changes or deletions.

The SYNCING.NET Manger Edition allows the network administrator(s) to define AND change roles to participants at any time. Administrators can allow read-access only to employees with limited project involvement while granting Super User rights to those who need to add and delete files and data regularly.

To update the office desktop to reflect changes made from the notebook while on the road.

If you’ve got an internet connection, then you’ve got real-time updates. SYNCING.NET is completely location independent, so you can easily work on documents and Outlook from the road and synchronize that data with every PC in your Group - no server needed. Even working offline is no problem. The second you are back online the data changes you've made are automatically synchronized.

Sync my Smartphone faster.

SYNCING.NET gives you the option to instantly pause synchronization while you sync up your Smartphone. It also allows you to pause syncing if you wish to temporarily devote more CPU power to another task.

To have complete control over which data you wish to have synchronized.

When creating an Outlook Group or Sync Folder, you are given a prompt that allows you to individually choose which folders are to be synchronized between the computers in your Group or Folder.

To be able to use a synchronization program without special IT know-how or training.

Our intuitive user interface helps you easily sync your Outlook and files. The software is powerful, yet easy to utilize – for any level of PC user.

Print my SYNCING.NET Sync Folder list.

SYNCING.NET allows you to easily print your current list of all Sync Folders from the user interface.

As a project manager you coordinate a variety of internal and external staff - sometimes in different locations around the world. You need a software program that simpifies the nearly impossible feat of keeping your team up-to-date and on the same page in real time. SYNCING.NET is the ulitmate tool for managing data and communicating it efficiently. Contact updates, calendar changes, tasks, document revamps and e-mails are quickly and reliably synchronized to all project members.

Teamwork made easy

With SYNCING.NET you immediately improve the communication between your entire team. At any time and from anywhere in the world you can synchronize files and e-mails or other documents with every member of the team. Be confident knowing everybody is on the same page, all the time. And because of the extremely high encryption you can safely synchronize your important documents without a problem.

Complete data management

As a project manager you can assign various rights and define which participants get access to what documents within the project folders. During setup of a new synchronization group, you can handpick project participants and their access level (eg, "read only"). This can help protect important files from accidental changes or deletions. In the event that you are not available, you can also designate three additional users as backup administrators.

Better communication with customers

Keep your clients up-to-date while you're on the move. Create a special Outlook Group just for you and your client so you are both connected. Your customer will appreciate and remember that personal touch.

Maximum security

The synchronization of data is doubly encrypted (end-to-end) and shared over peer-to-peer networks. No one but the participants in a synchronization group can access the data.

Technical Data:

  • Flexible user rights management
  • Change assigned roles and participants of networks at any time
  • Up to 3 backup administrators can be assigned
  • Supports both pst files (personal Outlook folders) and ost files (for use in conjunction with an Exchange server)
  • Proxy server compatibility
  • Bandwidth control and instant synchronization pausing
  • Exchange server support
  • Print list of Sync Folders
  • Create up to 50 Outlook Groups
  • Create up to 50 Sync Folders
  • Sync up to 3000 Outlook folders (total in all Outlook Groups)
  • No limit on Outlook items, number of files and file-folders
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption (end-to-end) of all data and 1024-bit RSA Authentication
  • Temporary data buffering (store and forward) when offline

System Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium-class CPU (800 MHz or faster)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows XP (x86 and x64)
  • Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • Internet access (broadband and flat rate recommended)
  • For Outlook synchronization: Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, (32 and 64 bit), 2007, 2003 - NOT supported: Microsoft Office Apps from Windows Store

Your Goal:

SYNCING.NET's Solution:

To have maximum security during data transfer.

SYNCING.NET uses military grade, highly secure 256-bit AES encryption for end-to-end transmission. This encryption complies with the 1024-bit RSA authentication to the highest safety standard (military grade).

To be able to use a synchronization program without special IT know-how or training.

Our simple, intuitive user interface helps you easily sync your Outlook and documents. The software is powerful, yet easy to use – for any level of PC user.

To have predictable IT operating costs.

You only need to buy SYNCING.NET perpetual licenses once and can then use the software as long as you wish. Further costs only arise if you need to add additional computers to your system that go beyond your original license quantity.

Quick help with questions.

Our knowledgeable and responsive support team is available during standard business hours either by phone or by e-mail.

Increased employee productivity.

New employees are quickly integrated into an existing user group from day one. Administrative rights helps keep unwanted deletions or changes to a minimum.

Improving communication within the team.

SYNCING.NET links your team in real time, all the time. Collaborate like never before, increasing productivity and results for the entire company while saving big on your IT budget. Welcome to the future of business.

Real customers. Real reviews.

Your message

Efficient time management

Modern apps have impressive features. From any place of the world you can share and control data. You can define user groups, in order to share documents or other data. Besides, this is possible on your desktop computer or a mobile device. SYNGING.NET Manager Edition is a special edition for managing SYNCING.NET accounts, quotas, groups and user rights. It allows you to manage configuration of the enclosed user groups for Outlook and file synchronization without using a dedicated server. It is very useful for Outlook project management on desktop computers Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile devices iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.

Work Schedule with SYNCING.NET

In general, the SYNCING.NET software runs on any desktop or mobile device. SYNCING.NET has the following features:

  • Outlook and file synchronization works without an expensive Microsoft Exchange Server or other dedicated servers, and, thus, significantly reduces IT-costs for hardware or software and administrations.
  • Data is stored locally on each device and available also offline.
  • Outlook Data and documents are safe, because they are not stored on external cloud servers.
  • Simple and effective quota management for sync folders and user rights management.
  • Efficient management of shared contacts and calendars, which can be used for CRM.
  • Robust SYNCING.NET infrastructure.

If you used to write work schedules, do a time management or faced problems with managing Email in Outlook then you should try to use SYNCING.NET products. The Outlook Email management between different user groups can be indeed a difficult task, but not for SYNCING.NET. For managers and administrators, the SYNCING.NET Manager Edition is the right choice. You can download the fully functional 14-day trial version for free from our website and feel the power and value of the program. After the test phase, you can purchase a license and switch to the paid version without any problems. You can install and set up SYNCING.NET in minutes. SYNCING.NET is a powerful platform for data synchronization and makes Outlook management (sharing emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.) much easier. You can even sync diverse mobile devices, for example, Android with iPhone.

Program features

With SYNCING.NET it is possible to sync PCs with Outlook or with portable devices. You can easily share corporate information between computers in the office or with mobile devices. Some of the SYNCING.NET Editions are Freeware! One of the most useful features of the program is a calendar sharing on different devices. You can also perform Outlook task management, Outlook mailbox management or share groups of contacts in a company in real time and have a basic CRM sync without any investments. SYNCING.NET makes it possible on any device without using external servers. It is a solid basis for sharing your data.

With SYNCING.NET Manager Edition you can easily manage Outlook groups on your computer and control user rights. This feature is very useful in a corporate environment. As a manager, you can control the work schedules, exchange files with colleagues or external partners. You can improve efficiency of your work with Outlook or mobile devices, create a reliable infrastructure for data exchange in a group and, thus, save a lot of time and money.

SYNCING.NET Manager Edition has the following benefits:

  • Dynamic quota management of Sync folders.
  • Up to 100 user groups for Outlook and data sharing.
  • Full user right management in Outlook groups or Sync folders.

With SYNCING.NET Manager Edition you have all required tools for administration of SYNCING.NET accounts with Outlook and can completely replace some tedious tasks like manual Outlook PST management. SYNCING.NET is a perfect Outlook Email management software and Task management software with Outlook integration for companies. Of course, the program can also be used for data synchronization. It is simple yet powerful, it is very easy to set up and even easier to use – that’s why SYNCING.NET Manager Edition is so useful.

SYNCING.NET develops perfect file and Outlook sync software for private customers and companies with a rich functionality for data synchronization, for example, p2p file sharing software, or tools which allow you to sync two Outlook calendars between PCs or mobile devices, etc. Please visit our website for more details.