What to do if SYNCING.NET doesn't send logfiles through 'Report a Problem'

Please ensure that the following files are not blocked by any application on your computers:

  • ..\Program Files\ASBYTE\SYNCING.NET\bin\NotificationService.exe
  • ..\Program Files\ASBYTE\SYNCING.NET\bin\SyncingOLWatchService.exe
  • ..\Program Files\ASBYTE\SYNCING.NET\bin\SyncService.exe

Also ensure that:

  • SyncService.exe is allowed to establish a secured connection to TCP port 443 of our authentication server snt-app0.asbyte.com
  • NotificationService.exe is allowed to be launched and to send e-mails. This application creates and sends the log files.

To test the functionality you may try to launch the error reporting tool manually through 'Start -> Programs -> SYNCING.NET -> Report a Problem'.