SYNCING.NET for Windows UWP Business Edition

Features at a glance:
  • All the benefits of Free Edition, plus:
  • Share documents with other SYNCING.NET users
  • Closed user groups by invite only
  • Assign and use individual user rights
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Intermediate external file storage on demand
  • Preferred support via e-mail
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Unique app for home and office

The vast majority of companies use computers. This improves the quality of work and reduces the costs. No doubt, many tasks in the modern business cannot be solved without computing devices. Technologies in the world are constantly evolving. Nowadays, mobile devices like smartphones and tables are almost as powerful, as desktop computers. This is why SYNCING.NET – the well-known Outlook and File synchronization software – has evolved too and now available for desktop computers and mobiles devices. In particular, the SYNCING.NET Windows Phone sync app provides Windows mobile sync for files and personal data. For example, it helps on Windows Phone sync contacts with other mobile devices or sync Windows Phone contacts to Outlook on PC, sync Outlook calendar to Windows Phone or sync Windows Phone to computer.

Smartphones and tablets are running under different operating systems. But many customers still use the most popular OS in the world – Microsoft Windows. It is clear and intuitive. Millions of programs for Windows can help to solve many tasks for business and private customers. Windows is mostly used on desktop computers. With the release of Windows 10 it is now possible to run universal apps on desktop computers and mobile devices like Windows Phone. SYNCING.NET offers such a universal Windows Phone sync app, which can be used on Windows Phone, as well as on desktop computers. It can be used to sync Windows Phone with Mac, as well as to sync Windows Phone with PC.

Features of a modern office

Every day at the office the work is humming. Managers define new tasks, which all must be completed on time. However, due to lack of time this is not always possible. Some employees have to continue working with documents at home. It is easier when the same operating system and programs are used on different computers. Microsoft Outlook has become a standard email manager at many companies. It has a lot of useful features like contacts manager, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. However, out of the box it lacks one important feature – a possibility to keep multiple computers up to date. For that purpose, a special server can be used – Microsoft Exchange. However, it is very expensive and requires additional hardware and IT administration. SYNCING.NET is a perfect alternative which keeps your documents, music, videos and Outlook data in sync on all your computers and mobile devices automatically without the use of additional servers or software.

SYNCING.NET can significantly reduce the costs for hardware, software, and IT administration. It is very easy to use and can be configured by a person without special IT knowledge. This is a perfect tool to connect multiple devices at the local or remote office into a common network. With SYNCING.NET all corporate documents, Outlook contacts, appointments, meetings can be automatically synced with all connected desktop computers and mobile devices at real time. For example, you can sync Windows Phone with Outlook, so syncing Windows Phone with computer works seamlessly. SYNCING.NET runs in the background and does not affect your main work.

Many employees on business trips or at the remote offices also require access to company’s data. SYNCING.NET works over a regular Internet connection and does not need special configuration. All your documents, contacts, appointments will be seamlessly updated on all desktop computers and mobile devices anywhere and at any time.


SYNCING.NET has many advantages. Here are few of them:

  • Easy collaboration at the local and remote offices.
  • Constant access to corporate data from anywhere.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Very simple and easy to use.

Nowadays, we don’t even remember about floppy disks which were used for data transfer between computers. Very soon we will forget about CDs or even USB-sticks, which we use now. The future of the data transfer is the Internet and wireless connections. SYNCING.NET allows you touch the future technologies today. SYNCING.NET features:

  1. Safe and fast file sharing without the use of cloud services.
  2. Highest security with multi-level encryption.
  3. Unlimited data traffic.
  4. Advanced user rights in sync groups.
  5. Easy administration without IT staff.

Our private customers can enjoy our SYNCING.NET for Windows UWP Free Edition, which allows to sync up to 2 GB of data for free without time limitations.

SYNCING.NET develops synchronization and backup tools for different platforms. For example, it can be used on Windows 7, 10 or earlier versions, on Mac, it provides Android sync with Outlook, and even free file synchronization software, sync Google calendar with Windows Phone and sync Google contacts with Windows Phone and other mobile devices. Please visit our website for more details and download the apps.

So, you decided to use SYNCING.NET? You have made the perfect choice! Out support team is always ready to answer you questions.