SYNCING.NET for Windows UWP Free Edition

Features at a glance:
  • Sync files across mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Seamless cross-platform synchronization
  • Automatic synchronization of your own devices
  • Files are stored locally on devices
  • Sync up to 2 GB of data for free
  • Program usage is not restricted by time
  • Free support via e-mail
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Data synchronization on Windows Phone

The goal of the data synchronization is an efficient data transfer across different devices. If you manage your time and tasks in everyday’s life, we would recommend you to use all possible technical means for that purpose.  Modern apps can effectively share information between users and their devices in a network. We would like to introduce you one of such apps - the SYNCING.NET Free Edition for Windows Mobile.

Advantages of the app

Technologies are developing rapidly and make information sharing between devices much easier. Now you don’t need to use a dedicated server or IT-staff. Using our free Windows Mobile sync app, you can set up a quality data sync in minutes without compromising data safety. The SYNCING.NET for Windows UWP Free Edition can be used on mobile devices Windows Phone, as well as desktop computers with Windows 10.  It opens new horizons for sharing of information, music, and images. The app enables the free Windows Phone synchronization of up to 2 GB for personal use. That’s should be enough for working with all your Office documents. If you need to sync more data, you can always buy a Business Edition with many cool features like unlimited data traffic, or data exchange with other SYNCING.NET users.

If you have any questions, you can always email us. We are always online for customer service. Our free Windows Phone sync app features:

  • Nice and clear user interface.
  • Simple control.
  • Real-time sync.
  • Easy setup.

Create new connections, share information, make new contacts, plan tasks and store events in a calendar. Using our app, you can plan your schedule more effectively and can complete more tasks!

Efficient time management

As for the synchronization, for the user it’s not difficult at all. All changes on one device are automatically replicated to the others. The initial download of data can take some time, but afterwards all changes are synced instantly. Thus, it is very easy to share information even in large corporate environment. Of course, it is still possible to copy files and documents manually, but this option is error prone and takes much longer. Why not to use our Windows Phone sync? Our app works seamlessly and your data is synced across devices automatically. You can download the app from the store, set it up in a couple of minutes and enjoy the complete Windows Mobile synchronization.

Thanks to our app, the time management becomes much more efficient. Don’t forget that you can sync not only desktop computers, but also mobile devices. For example, using our iPhone sync freeware (SYNCING.NET for iOS and Android) you can sync iTunes to Android for free. SYNCING.NET is just one platform for all your devices. The app was made for regular users and you don’t need special IT-knowledges, in order to use the app. It is also important to mention the following features of the app:

  • Your data is stored locally on the devices (not on external servers) and transferred using multiple levels of encryptions.
  • You can access your documents even without Internet connection.

The app is updated automatically in one tap. The app uses all features of your smartphone and can be used together with our installed apps. Unlike many existing cloud services, the SYNCING.NET apps give you all the advantages of the file synchronization across different devices without compromising security. And SYNCING.NET is a Freeware! The choice is obvious!