Steps to check why synchronization has stopped (What must I do)!

At first check the following:

- Is SYNCING.NET online (green tray icon in the menue bar)?

If not check the following FAQ.

- Were only two computers online while you changed something ?

There are no files on our server if two computers were online.

Bring all computers simultaneously online, check whether the changes are propagated.

If a given computer doesn't download the stored data within 14 days, the change requests in its Store-and-Forward Inbox will be deleted from our server and must then be transferred directly between the computers of your SYNCING.NET "Sync Folders" or "Outlook Groups". In order to do this the computers must be online at the same time for as long as the transfer takes

1. The synchronization is working only in one direction

Our background process "SyncingOlWatchService might be blocked by another application.

Please be sure to set your security application to allow SYNCING.NET full access rights. Although some applications allow SYNCING.NET to run with "low restrictions" this is not adequate. SYNCING.NET must be grated "full rights" or set as a "trusted application".

Please allow the executable files SyncService.exe, SyncingOLWatchService.exe and NotificationService.exe access to the firewall settings.

2. Only one folder is not in sync

If a special folder is no longer synchronized, please try to remove this folder from the synchronization.

Visit details /Outlook folders / - and remove the folder then add the folder via the + again.

3. The Inbox has different elements

Maybe our background process (SyncingOlwatchService.exe) was stopped  and changes not detected.

In this case simply repeat your changes, for example set the e-mails as read/unread in your inbox..

Then these changes will be transfered automatically.