The SYNCING.NET app for Android was updated and now supports fully automatic synchronization of contacts and calendar events. From now on it is not required to sync your data manually anymore. Once a sync group of contacts or calendar events is configured in the SYNCING.NET app, all changes on the device will be synced in the background without user actions. It is also not required that the SYNCING.NET app resides in memory. As a result, the synchronization with SYNCING.NET will work even after a device restart. The mechanism of the data synchronization in SYNCING.NET was improved and allows also a periodic…
TopSync for iOS 11
25 September / 2017
TopSync for iOS 11
The TopSync app for iOS was updated to support iOS 11. TopSync can still be used on mobile iOS and Android devices, although we recommend all TopSync users to try our new SYNCING.NET mobile apps.  SYNCING.NET mobile apps have many advantages: Pure data synchronization without cloud Multiple calendars and contact folders can be synced Data can be shared with other SYNCING.NET users Single sync software for all your desktop and mobile devices Apps can be downloaded on our Download page.
We have released new versions of our SYNCING.NET mobile apps for iOS and Android.  What's new? Improved performance of synchronization of contacts and events Added options to check for modified contacts and events on the device Now it is possible to sync thousands of contacts and events within seconds. As contacts and events are not updated frequently, you can disable check for updated contacts and events in the app. This can improve the speed of synchronization significantly. App versions 6.3.12 SYNCING.NET for iOS6.2.43 SYNCING.NET for Android You can dowload or update the mobile apps in App Store or in Google Play…
For the Synchronization with SYNCING.NET no other additional Hard- or Software is required Heilbronn, 6. September 2017. Outlook 2016, which was released in September 2015 for private users, inspired also many companies to upgrade to the new version. A lot of small features like creating tasks, scheduling appointments, or taking notes, make Outlook a very valuable software. It is very important to back up regularly contacts, which were collected many years. With SYNCING.NET software all data changes can be immediately transferred to other participants in the network. Of course, Outlook users have to back up their contacts in Outlook, in…
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