Software solution syncs Outlook without additional hardware Heilbronn, 06. April 2018. Microsoft Outlook is, as before, the most valuable software for companies in terms of work management. The program services the fastest electronic communication. However, Outlook can do much more than just sending and receiving emails. The tasks in Outlook are used as a reminder service and can replace a flow of notes on the table: just create a task, set a due date und let Outlook remind you. But should you do, when someone uses multiple computers and reminders need to available on all of them? When someone works…
SYNCING.NET keeps Outlook contacts up-to-date automatically Heilbronn, 5. April 2018. From September 2015 could companies, as well as private customers, use the latest version of Outlook 2016. In companies it is especially important that all computers access the same Outlook contacts. Very often a central contact database is used. In this case it is required to transfer all changes in Outlook contacts to all network members. The SYNCING.NET synchronization software does this fully automatically. Manual transfer of Outlook contacts is not required any longer. The software works over the Internet in Peer-to-Peer mode. Therefore, data is not stored on external…
We are proud to announce that SYNCING.NET for Windows ver. 6.5 is available for download. This version has a new fresh user interface including the new program icon (!) and was built using the latest development tools. It also contains several fixes and improvements.  SYNCING.NET for Windows ver. 6.5 is fully compatible with all existing SYNCING.NET versions for all desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). You can download the latest SYNCING.NET version from our Download section: We wish you a continued success with SYNCING.NET!
SYNCING.NET for iPhone X
14 December / 2017
SYNCING.NET for iPhone X
The SYNCING.NET app for iOS was updated and now supports the newest iPhone X. The new SYNCING.NET for iOS version 6.3.14 is now available on the App Store. The app now also supports the background fetch, which allows to update data automatically in background without starting the app. In order to use the background fetch feature, run the SYNCING.NET app regularly during a couple of days, so the system can notice the running intervals of the app. Afterwards, the system will run the app regularly. This version also contains significant performance improvements and several bug fixes. The latest version is available on…
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