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Outlook Backup
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Features at a glance:
  • The ultimate Outlook backup and recovery tool
  • Automatic or manual scheduled backups
  • Works seamlessly with all SYNCING.NET sync programs
  • Flexible settings for backup and data restoration
  • All Outlook 32- and 64-bit versions supported
  • Backup of browser bookmarks supported
  • Free support by email
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SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup is a comprehensive backup and restore program for Outlook and Windows files. The software takes backup and restore functions to a new level by not only saving your PST files and diverse settings, but also backing up all your sensitive data under My Documents and Internet Favorites. Having a complete backup system in place is critical - anyone who has experienced a system crash will tell you.


The software allows you to schedule your backups. During the initial installation, or any time thereafter, you can choose to save your personal parameters to a batch file or as a desktop shortcut. For greater flexibility you will always have the option to either run a backup manually or choose your automated settings.

Ease of use

The program is simple to install and even simpler to use. Thanks to our intuitive user interface IT users of every level will find their way around with no problem. Best of all, the SYNCING.NET program is optimized to work seamlessly with all SYNCING.NET synchronization and file sharing software.

Your goal:

The SYNCING.NET solution:

Customized backup settings.

While creating your first backup, you can save your custom settings to a file on the desktop. Any time you wish to run your personalized backup, simply click on the desktop icon and your personalized backup is performed.

Consistent, scheduled data backup.

SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup also works in coordination with Windows Task Scheduler to create timed backups at a specific hour each day. Backup Edition will then automatically perform a backup at exactly the time you've requested.

Save and restore individual Outlook settings at any time.

SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup saves your PST files as well as your Outlook settings, program settings, page settings, rules and filters and more.

Back up important Windows files and folders.

With Outlook Backup, you not only can backup and restore Outlook completely, you can also back up and restore any Windows folders or files under „My Documents”. Any type of file, any size. Every bit of your Outlook data and Windows Folders is safely backed up, and can be restored at any time.

Flexibility in data restoration.

With SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup your saved data can be replayed back into the system either completely or according to your individual choice.

Transfer a copy of an Outlook profile to another computer.

With Outlook Backup's 1:1 transfer function, you can create a complete copy of your Outlook file to transfer it to any PC you wish. The same settings and the same data files can be transferred to any of your other PCs safely and securely.

Back up and restore Outlook and Windows files and more:

  • Data Files (PST) with E-mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes
  • Exchange Offline Files (OST)
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Rules & Alerts for incoming E-mails
  • applied Signatures
  • Personal Address Book
  • customized Tool Bar and Navigation Bar
  • Shortcuts on the Outlook Bar
  • self defined Contact Categories
  • Printer and Page Settings
  • Send & Receive Group Settings
  • Nicknames for E-mail Addresses
  • Program Settings
  • Macros and VBA Projects
  • Business Contact Manager 2003 Files
  • Business Contact Manager 2007/201 Databases
  • RSS-Feeds (since Outlook 2007)
  • Outlook Quick Parts (since Outlook 2007)
  • Office Custom Dictionaries, also in Unicode format

Backup and restore the following Office data:

  • Saves the Office AutoCorrect Lists and Settings for Tool Bars and Menus
  • Office Quick Style Sets
  • Custom Forms
  • NEW: Office Quick Access Toolbars (since Office 2007)
  • NEW: Office Ribbons (since Office 2010)
  • NEW: Word Quick Parts (since Office 2007)
  • NEW: OneNote Notebooks (since Office 2007)

NEW: The following options can be backed up and restored individually:

  • E-mail Options
  • Calendar and Scheduling Options
  • Task Options
  • Contact Options
  • Journal Options
  • Notes Options
  • Search Options
  • Trust Center
  • Profile-dependent Junk E-mail Settings (e.g. Blocked and Safe Senders Lists)

Back up and restore the following Browser Data:

  • Internet Explorer Bookmarks
  • Internet Explorer Security Zones
  • Internet Explorer Feeds & WebSlices (since IE8)
  • Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks
  • Opera Bookmarks, Addresses, Notes, Widgets
  • Apple Safari Bookmarks
  • Google Chrome Bookmarks

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Your message

Outlook Express Backup

The data exchange speed in today’s world is amazing. However, using all features of modern email managers, you put at risk the data safety. Thousands of documents with attachments, and also personal settings can be easily lost because of just a single PC crash. The SYNCING.NET team take care about safety of your data and offers a perfect solution – Outlook Backup. It significantly improves reliability of files and data used in your favorite email manager – Microsoft Outlook.

Goals of the installation

A backup version of your Outlook data can be used not only for prevention of system failures and crashes. Outlook Backup is also useful, when you need to:

  • Create a full copy of your email account on another computer.
  • Replace your old PC with a new one in a short time.
  • Prevent possible breaches and increase data safety.
  • Backup outlook emails
  • Backup outlook contacts
  • Backup Outlook files (.PST)
  • Create an archive of your files and Outlook data Outlook Backup tool features:

  • Easy setup. All settings need to be configured only one.
  • Automatic. Schedule your backup when your PC is idle without affecting your working process.
  • Backup and restore all Outlook data including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, settings.
  • Backup your regular Windows files and Internet browser favorites.
  • Restore your data completely or selectively when you need to restore only particular important files.

Of course, you can easily restore Outlook contacts, calendars, and other data. Thus, the Outlook Backup software can protect your received and sent emails, attachments, contacts, events, and even Outlook settings.


SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup is a powerful Outlook backup tool. It works with all Outlook versions. The software has minimal system requirements and runs even on old Windows versions. The version for Mac is planned. Depending on the Outlook version, Outlook Backup can save complete .pst files with mails, or specific data, for example, starting from Outlook 2007 some elements of the user interface can be saved. Backup for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 may also contain custom ribbon settings. The SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup can also backup files or complete folders, bookmarks, notes and widgets of Internet browsers, a personal address book and settings, a list of blocked contacts, printer settings, rules and alerts, backup Outlook signatures and other Outlook settings.

You can download a free trial version on our website. Start using our backup solution for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and older versions now. You can enjoy working with your favorite email manager and be sure that your data is 100% safe. A specific version of the SYNCING.NET Outlook Backup with limited functionality is Freeware!

SYNCING.NET offers other tools for data synchronization on desktop or mobile devices, sync Outlook with Google, for example, you can sync iTunes to Android free, sync Outlook calendar with Google calendar, or to set up a home sync on Mac.